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December 09, 2012

How the Obama Campaign is Reframing Its Victory

Jason Zengerle notes the Obama campaign is still spinning: "Instead of talking about how their guy won a second term by methodically defining -- and demonizing -- his buffoon of an opponent, they're gushing about the ingenuity of their apps and algorithms."

"The Revenge of the Obama Nerds narrative does have the benefit of being true... In fact, the tech side was the only part of the Obama operation that could credibly be framed as a throwback to the old Hope and Change: Despite the slash-and-burn quality of the Obama reelection campaign as seen by America's television viewers, the president's 33 million Facebook fans 'were experiencing a whole different campaign that was largely positive...' And when you consider that Obama's Facebook fans were themselves friends with 98 percent of Facebook users in the U.S... then the Obamanauts can plausibly argue that, for many Obama voters, maybe 2012 wasn't that different from 2008 after all."

"Even more important, the nerd narrative gives the Obamanauts hope for the future."


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