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December 11, 2012

Why Hillary Clinton Would be Strong in 2016

Nate Silver sees Hillary Clinton's high favorability numbers falling if she moves to run for president in 2016 because Republicans "would begin to criticize her, delicately at first, and then more expressly as the election drew nearer."

"None of this is to argue that Mrs. Clinton would not have some unique strengths as a candidate. For all the reasons I mentioned at the top, she seems like Democrats' best bet, perhaps by some margin, to extend their winning streak to three or more terms in the White House. If she ran even a point or two stronger than a 'generic' Democrat, the odds would shift meaningfully in her favor, holding other circumstances equal."

"Perhaps Mrs. Clinton's most impressive attribute is her ability to withstand criticism -- and often emerge the stronger from it. If she runs for president again, she will surely receive plenty of it."

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