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December 21, 2012

Are Republicans Ready to Dump Boehner?

Steve Kornacki: "Last night was hardly the first public humiliation that John Boehner has suffered at the hands of his fellow Republicans, but it's probably the most stark. And it raises some very basic questions about the House speaker's political future - like whether he even has one."

"The demise of Plan B also calls Boehner's job security into question. The Obama-era conservative base has never trusted him; he's been in Washington too long, he cut too many pre-2008 deals with Democrats, and he voted for too much spending. Since he claimed the speaker's gavel, they've been watching him like a hawk for any sign he's about to sell them out, virtually eliminating his ability to cut deals on their behalf. What happened last night indicates that this dynamic hasn't changed since the election, and with the January 3 vote for speaker coming up, there is some chatter now that House conservatives might attempt to dethrone Boehner."

First Read notes "it seems to us that the only person who's capable of toppling Boehner right now is Paul Ryan. But does he -- or anyone else -- want that job?"


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