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January 02, 2013

From Concussiongate to Clotgate

Amanda Marcotte notes that the news of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's blood clot still isn't ending talk of Concussiongate among some conservatives.

"Of course, wingnuttery nowadays is entirely dependent on the asinine belief that widespread conspiracies are a daily occurrence. These folks believe that thousands of scientists worldwide have been in cahoots for decades to perpetuate the false claim that global warming is real for no other reason than a vague hatred of capitalism, and that not one has ever thought to blow the whistle on this evil scheme. But riddle me this, wingnuts: If Secretary Clinton is such an evil mastermind that she can repeatedly bend so many people to her will with full confidence that not a one will ever blow the whistle, why couldn't she just get up and say whatever the hell she wants under oath if she did testify? ... So many questions. But in the meantime, the reality-based community wishes Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery."

Scott LeMieux: "It's like 1990s-vintage Clinton derangement."


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