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January 03, 2013

Tea Party Plots Comeback

Daily Beast: "Until last night, the conventional wisdom in Washington was that the Tea Party was on the wane ... But after 85 House Republicans joined Boehner in raising taxes without spending reductions during the end game of Monday night's fiscal-cliff negotiations, Tea Party leaders and conservative activists from around the country are dusting off their tri-corner hats and 'Don't Tread On Me' signs, and now say that their members are as energized as they have ever been since the first Tax Day protests in 2009. And the Republican Party, they add, had better beware ... Already, those outside the official party apparatus are considering primarying incumbents, in some cases taking on those they helped elect a mere two years ago."

Said South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly: "If you think 2010 was the Tea Party Congress, just wait until 2014. You will see people even more angry and up in arms. I don't think we have seen nothing yet."


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