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January 06, 2013

Conservatives Annoyed by Christie

Maggie Haberman looks at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) slam of House Republicans last week and notes his tone is starting to get on the nerves of conservatives nationally.

"It was vintage Christie -- and then some -- as he recounted how his calls to Boehner went unanswered, and it articulated clearly a frustration with a dysfunctional Washington system that polls show most Americans share. But it laid stark just how divergent the needs of his reelection bid in New Jersey are from the realities of a potential presidential run in a party that's tacked hard right not just on social issues but on spending and deficit reduction."

"Local media and elected officials, along with some national pundits, heaped praise on the governor, who spoke with characteristic bluntness... Still, Christie hit some headwinds nationally from conservatives -- including Christie fans -- who thought he may have gone overboard hitting an already-diminished national Republican brand. On the party's right flank, some telegraphed a clear sentiment that Christie's straight-talking truth teller act had worn on them."


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