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January 21, 2013

What Will Obama Say Today?

President Obama's public swearing-in ceremony begins at 11:30 am ET today. He officially started his second term yesterday with a private ceremony.

First Read: "Looking back at some of the most recent second inaugural addresses, they've typically been a continuation of that president's first-term message (and re-election theme). For Bill Clinton, it was preparing the country for the 21st Century. For George W. Bush, it was security and freedom. And if that continuation theme is any guide, expect Obama to talk A LOT about rebuilding the middle class. After all, it was the central theme of his re-election campaign."

Associated Press: "Inaugural addresses are not typically partisan, and White House aides say Obama doesn't intend to call out his political opponents. But they say he will stand up for his values and vision that were supported by the majority of voters in the November election. Obama's prepared text notes that spirited debate is a hallmark of a vibrant democracy, aides say, but that the country's leaders can't let disagreement prevent them from finding common ground to move the country forward. The president also plans to encourage Americans to continue making their voices heard to shape the debate as policy is made, aides said."

Carrie Dann: "From drunken speeches to dead canaries, a guide to our quirky inaugural history."


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