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January 28, 2013

Is Sarah Palin Over?

The Fix says that Sarah Palin "was that rare politician about whom there was no gray area in terms of how people regarded her. If you loved her, you LOVED her. And if you hated her, well, you HATED her. That division of opinion made Palin perhaps the single most compelling Republican politician over these past four years. No matter what you thought of her, you wanted to see what she would do next. In that way, Palin had as much in common with a celebrity as she did a politician."

"Palin had as much natural ability as anyone this side of Barack Obama or John Edwards but was unable to translate that talent into results once the bright lights came on. That she never made good on her remarkable natural talents is a sign of how the political process can chew up and spit out those who aren't ready for it."

Marc Ambinder: "Sarah Palin won't be able to make a political comeback until she decides to put in the work necessary to make Sarah Palin mean something other than it now does."


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