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January 28, 2013

Obama Campaign Gives Database to New Advocacy Group

President Obama's presidential campaign "has turned over its most valuable asset -- a massive computer database containing personal data on millions of American voters -- to a new advocacy group created to advance the White House agenda on issues ranging from gun control to immigration reform," NBC News reports.

"Dubbed the 'nuclear codes' by campaign aides, the Obama campaign database is widely described as one of the most powerful tools ever developed in American politics. According to published reports, it contains the names of at least 4 million Obama donors - as well as millions of others (the campaign has consistently refused to say how many) compiled from voter registration rolls and other public databases. In addition, the campaign used sophisticated computer programs -- with code names like 'Narwhal' -- to collect information through social media: Anybody who contacted the campaign through Facebook had their friends and 'likes' downloaded. If they contacted the campaign website through mobile apps, cellphone numbers and address books were downloaded. Computer "cookies" captured Web browsing and online spending habits."


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