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February 01, 2013

Democrats Say Hagel Will Be Confirmed

"Democrats -- from both the White House and Capitol Hill -- tell First Read that they're still confident Hagel will win confirmation. You're unlikely to see a Senate Democrat vote against him or even peel off today; in fact, the hostile GOP questioning might have made Democrats even more united, or so the White House hopes and believes. And if that's the case, Hagel will have support from a majority of senators. So the question becomes: Do Republicans decide to mount a filibuster against Hagel? That could make things more problematic for his nomination, because he would need 60 votes instead of 51. But it also would create a problematic storyline for Republicans: Do they really filibuster one of their former colleagues who fought and bled in Vietnam?"

Chris Cillizza: "Chuck Hagel was ... just plain bad during his confirmation hearing to be the next Secretary of Defense. And it almost certainly won't keep him from becoming the next man to lead the Pentagon."


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