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February 11, 2013

Is Rubio the Answer for Republicans?

The Washington Post says Sen. March Rubio (R-FL) "is indeed a politician of unusual gifts. But the spotlight that has fallen on this relatively new arrival to the national scene says as much about the state of the Republican Party as it does about the 41-year-old senator. And it remains to be seen whether he represents the solution to the GOP's problems, or whether the party's sky-high hopes in an untested newcomer are just another measure of its drift."

Paul Waldman: "But you can only be the Next Big Thing for so long, and there's really only one way to become your party's savior: win the White House. If immigration reform passes, Rubio will probably be given credit on the right. But what if, in 2014, Republicans do no better with Latino voters than they did in 2012? That might make them decide that moderating their stance was a waste of time. Or it might make them decide they need Rubio more than ever."


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