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February 13, 2013

The Gun Control President

Steve Kornacki says November 2014 "is setting up as a crucial moment in the renewed battle for gun control. There may well be enough momentum for Obama to push through some new laws this year. They won't be sufficient, but doing so will make gun control a major issue in the '14 midterms. If those who support the news laws pay a price at the polls, the issue will again recede. But if they survive - and, especially, if those who vote against any of the laws Obama is calling for are defeated - it should create new momentum for further, more far-reaching reforms."

"Obama made a passionate, convincing case on Tuesday night that his gun agenda deserves a vote in Congress. It may even be enough for him to get his way. But he won't get everything he wants. For that, he and his allies are going to have to be patient and persistent. For real gun control, the fight won't take months; it will take years."


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