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February 14, 2013

Is Obama Overreaching?

Mike Murphy: "Unlike his congressional opponents, President Obama faces a merciless count­down clock....The White House realizes this and has come to the shaky conclusion that the President's best tactic is to continue the campaign theatrics and force the GOP-controlled Congress to bend to his will. Showing the hubris of all things Obama, the White House has forgotten that while he won re-election fair and square with about 66 million votes, 61 million other Americans voted to fire the President."

"Many of those anti-Obama voters live and vote in the 232 congressional districts firmly held by Republicans. It is terribly naive to think that stuffing e-mail ­inboxes and ­presidential hectoring on the stump will persuade those voters--and their members of Congress--to support the President's decidedly left-tilting ­second-term agenda. When the President threatens the Republicans in Congress with 'or else,' they just roll their eyes and wonder 'or else what?' In their precincts, he is not even a paper tiger."

The Cloakroom: No, President Obama is not overreaching.


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