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March 01, 2013

What Happens Next on the Sequester?

President Obama will meet with House and Senate leaders in the Oval Office this morning but nobody expects a last-minute solution to the automatic spending cuts triggered today.

First Read: "There's a running theory on the Hill and even in the West Wing that negotiations over the budget resolution, which expires at the end of March, will be an opportunity to "fix" or turn off the sequester. But don't be surprised if that deadline comes and goes without sequester being touched. Will the White House or Senate Democrats threaten government shutdown over the sequester? That's about what it would take to force sequester into the Continuing Resolution talks. Hard to imagine the president staking out THAT position."

"House view on sequester: use the bully pulpit to try and get the public to blame the GOP for anything they don't like that suddenly happens (longer lines, cuts in services, etc.). The White House continues to hang their hat on a strategy of 'hope' -- hoping the GOP caves via public pressure and displeasure. But it's hard to imagine either Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn or John Boehner agreeing to turn off sequester in exchange for any taxes -- all of them would be watching their political careers flash before their eyes if they do."


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