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March 22, 2013

Why Elizabeth Warren is Untouchable

David Bernstein says Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) "has an independence and authority that frees her to be outspoken without getting alienated. She can embarrass the Barack Obama administration for failing to send bankers to jail without fear. She can also react with righteous outrage when I asked about Obama's recent support of 'chained Consumer Price Index (CPI),' which liberals view as a cut to Social Security benefits. When I suggest that most brand-new senators would not undercut their own party's president that way, she responds: 'Better I should say this now, than wait to have anybody surprised about it later on.'"

"There's a reason for her confidence: not only does Warren have tremendous credibility on the issues, she is simply too popular, with too broad and devoted a following, for anyone to threaten -- up to and including the Obama administration. She is not a career politician, entangled by the favors and deals traded on her way up the ladder."


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