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March 25, 2013

Supreme Court Has Options in Gay Marriage Case

With California's Proposition 8's ban on gay marriage set for a hearing Tuesday before the Supreme Court, "the lawyers and activists who started the case think they may be on the verge of a historic victory," the Los Angeles Times reports.

A ruling that gays and lesbians have an equal right to marry under the Constitution "would not only strike down the California ban but could make gay marriage legal nationwide."

"That may go too far for the court's majority. The conventional wisdom among legal experts is that the court will stop short of declaring that gays and lesbians have a right to marry nationwide. A narrow ruling voiding Proposition 8 would bring gay marriage to California, but it would not force a change in states where strong opposition to the idea remains."

Washington Post: "A broad constitutional ruling is one possibility, but so is a finding that the cases are not ripe for decision."

Meanwhile, Politico reports an openly gay cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts who wants to marry her partner will be in the room during this week's hearings.


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