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April 18, 2013

Exchange of the Day

Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves (R) sent an email to his distribution list and received this reply from a constituent: "Take me off your mailing list. Freak."

Not very friendly, but the Riverfront Times reports Nieves fired off "a series of lengthy, angry, incredibly bizarre" e-mails in response.

An example: "Wow. Your communications are so thought provoking, well written, and intelligent. Perhaps you secretly want to be on my distribution list because every time you send me a message, your email is recaptured and put on my distribution list. I'm tiring of taking you off every time you email me AGAIN so unless you are in love with me or have some other sort of sick obsession with me (sorry, I'm straight as an arrow) you should probably stop emailing me so that you don't keep getting put back on the list. Should I type these instructions slower? Are you having a hard time understanding? BTW - I archive ALL questionable emails like yours in case there's ever any doubt about who got ugly first. Go back to the grade school playground where people you can successfully bully and out smart are playing cuz junior... You are way out of your league with me."


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