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May 16, 2013

Obama's Katrina Moment

Todd Eberly: "What happened to Bush between Election Day 2004 and the Democratic victories in the 2006 election is a cautionary tale that the Obama Administration would do well to consider... Bush had presented himself as a competent manager and a reliable leader - a stark contrast to Kerry. That image collapsed in spectacular fashion in latter half of 2005."

"Like Bush, Obama was reelected by the same 51% bare majority. Obama's narrow popular vote victory was bolstered by a more substantial Electoral College victory. Like Bush, Obama was rejected by 49% of the electorate and exit polls showed a majority of voters favored full or partial repeal of the President's signature legislative accomplishment - health care reform. Much like the Bush 2004 strategy, the Obama campaign spent millions defining Mitt Romney as an unfit leader. Obama was portrayed as the reliable and competent manager who understood there was a positive role for government to play in improving people's lives. If Obama is not careful, that image will collapse in spectacular fashion."


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