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May 22, 2013

Not All Sex-Scandal Comebacks are the Same

Anthony Weiner announced his comeback attempt earlier today, but Karen Tumulty notes his challenge is greater than Mark Sanford faced earlier this month.

"Sanford, once it became clear that he had not been hiking the Appalachian Trail, pretty much owned up to where he had really been and the truth about his relationship with Maria Belen Chapur. Weiner continued to deny that the crotch photos sent through his Twitter account were in fact of his own crotch, even as the falsehood became more and more transparent."

"And where Weiner was forced to resign, Sanford remained in office, surviving an effort to impeach him, paying the largest ethics fine in South Carolina history, and ultimately enjoying the most productive period of his governorship. Indeed, he left office in 2011 on something of a high note, with approval around 55 percent--which, as the Charleston Post and Courier noted at the time, made him more popular than half the nation's governors."


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