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May 26, 2013

Unimpeded GOP Pushes North Carolina to the Far Right

Washington Post: "The state's hard turn to the right comes less than five years after people took to the streets here to celebrate the 2008 victory of Barack Obama, the first Democratic presidential candidate to capture the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976. The win prompted Obama's supporters to crow about the growing influence of progressive and minority voters not only in North Carolina but across the South."

"But that euphoria is now a distant memory. Since the recession hit, North Carolina has been saddled with one of the nation's highest unemployment rates. The bad times helped prepare the way for a carefully executed strategy, with big financial support from a major conservative activist, that helped the GOP win control of both chambers of the state General Assembly in 2010."

"Those victories were capped last year when Republican Pat McCrory was elected governor, giving the party control of all levers of state government for the first time since 1870."


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