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June 03, 2013

House Republicans Have Broken Into Factions

The Washington Post reports that the vote to avert the fiscal cliff on New Years Day "marked a breaking point for House Republicans, who had disintegrated into squabbling factions, no longer able to agree on -- much less execute -- some of the most basic government functions."

"Ever since, Boehner has cautiously tried to steer his party away from that bitter moment, with varying success. A short-term strategy, which conservatives called 'the Williamsburg Accord,' emerged from a bruising mid-January retreat. It restored enough unity to permit the House to dodge a government shutdown, badger the Senate into passing its first budget in four years and open investigations of the Obama White House."

"But beyond those limited efforts, the House has not approved ambitious legislation this year. Lawmakers have instead focused on trying to re-brand the party around kitchen-table issues -- although even some of those bills have run into trouble. And the most momentous policy decisions, including an immigration overhaul and a fresh deadline for raising the federal debt limit, have no coherent strategy to consolidate Republicans, much less take on the Democrats."


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