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June 13, 2013

Hillary Steps Out of Bill's Shadow

First Read point out that if you've followed Hillary Clinton's career "since she became a national figure in 1992, something pretty remarkable has happened over the past four years: She now, more than ever before, has a political brand and identity that's separate from her husband's. And that's a pretty powerful development when thinking about 2016, because it means she's not as associated with any potential baggage (Lewinsky, Marc Rich, etc.) as she was when she ran for president in 2008."

Said one Democratic strategist: "In '08, she was coming out of Bill's shadow. Now there is no shadow in the world big enough to cover her."

Important point: "The reasons for this separate and distinct brand come from her holding one of the biggest jobs in the world as secretary of state; from her stepping away from domestic politics; and from her quick embrace of -- and loyal work for -- President Obama since losing the Democratic nominating fight."


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