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July 08, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Response to the Has-Been Charge

"Republicans in search of an attack line against Hillary Clinton have begun to cast her as a tired relic of the past -- an implicit contrast to their own bench of up-and-comers like hip hop-listening Marco Rubio and libertarian-leaning Rand Paul," Politico reports.

"But Democrats are confident that giving voters the chance to make history by electing the first female president -- by definition a forward-looking act - would trump any argument that Clinton is too 20th century and give her a 'change' mantra of her own."

Said Democratic operative Stephanie Cuitter: "If Secretary Clinton runs, she'll be the nominee -- the first female nominee of either party. That breaks through the 'old' tagline that the Republican geniuses are cooking up because, if handled correctly, women of all ages will absolutely be inspired by that. I don't recommend that be the totality of her message or platform, but there's no way to hide that fact and it certainly shouldn't be discounted."


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