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July 10, 2013

Obama Veterans to Lead Clinton Group

"Ready for Hillary, the group encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, is hiring a new team of old rivals: a pair of President Obama's top strategists who helped defeat her and put him in the White House," ABC News reports.

The daily operations of a campaign-in-waiting for Clinton "will be overseen by Jeremy Bird, the national field director for the Obama campaign who was pivotal in building an army of grassroots supporters. Joining him is Mitch Stewart, who was one of Obama's earliest campaign aides and led his effort in battleground states during the 2012 re-election campaign."

Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Bird's prowess as one of the pre-eminent field organizers in presidential politics lends the Ready for Hillary push further credibility as the movement attracts growing support. It also sends yet another signal to other Democrats pondering a bid that Mrs. Clinton would enter the contest with much of the party's top donors and talent."


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