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July 11, 2013

What's Next for Immigration Reform?

First Read: "After yesterday, seasoned observers believe the House will act first on an intense border security bill. Then they'll most likely pass some variation of the DREAM Act that would only be triggered into effect once the goals in the border security bill were met. This allows them to say they tried to secure the border and that they're not totally heartless people. Either way, it's unlikely Democrats will play ball on either bill. And if anything this will most likely be pushed into the fall, when debating the debt ceiling becomes the real story. And after Christmas it's 2014 primary season, and many House GOP members won't touch immigration with a 20-foot pole during that election year."

Greg Sargent: "But here's what we still don't know: Whether there are any conditions, ever, that could induce House Republicans to embrace citizenship at any point in this process."

The Fix follows three possible paths in the House for the legislation.


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