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August 26, 2013

From Operative to Candidate

The New York Times looks at New York mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio's first big job in politics -- as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's first U.S. Senate bid in 2000.

"An examination of Mr. de Blasio's management of Mrs. Clinton's first run for office, however, reveals that his inclinations -- inclusive and easygoing but frequently indecisive -- could be agonizingly inefficient in a high-pressure, ever-shifting situation. He was so deliberative, in fact, that he was eventually elbowed out during the final stretch of the campaign."

"The campaign for an open Senate seat was a turning point in Mr. de Blasio's life; it was the biggest and most high-profile political effort he had ever been put in charge of. And it turned out to be his last, as an operative. After Mrs. Clinton's victory, he stepped out of the role of strategist, and decided, at age 39, to seek public office himself, winning races for councilman and public advocate, and now running for mayor."


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