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September 04, 2013

Gore's Shrinking Climate Change Movement

Ruby Cramer and Evan McMorris-Santoro report that Al Gore's climate change group, which was supposed to revolutionize the movement, has shrunk considerably in the last six years -- down in employees, contributions, and expenditures.

"The numbers, according to a review of the nonprofit's tax filings, show the change has been severe. In 2009, at its peak, Gore's group had more than 300 employees, with 40 field offices across 28 states, and a serious war chest: It poured $28 million into advertising and promotion, and paid about $200,000 in lobbying fees at the height of the "cap and trade" energy bill fight on Capitol Hill."

"Today, the group has just over 30 people on staff and has abandoned its on-the-ground presence -- all of its field offices have since shut down -- in favor of a far cheaper digital advocacy plan run out of Washington. Advertising expenses have decreased from the millions to the thousands, and the organization no longer lobbies lawmakers."


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