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September 05, 2013

Resolution to Authorize Strikes in Syria Falters

"A resolution authorizing the use of force in Syria won't make it through the House or the Senate without significant cajoling from the White House," Politico reports.

"That means Obama, who struggles to get Congress to follow his lead on almost everything, could burn his limited leverage convincing Democrats and Republicans to vote for an unpopular military operation that even the president says he could carry out with or without their approval."

Mike Allen: "Sources tell us the House and maybe even the Senate would not approve the Syria military strike if the vote were held today. The support of the top leader in each chamber is doing little to overcome what a number of members call surprisingly unconvincing private briefings by the White House, State and Pentagon."

An ABC News whip count finds 199 House members either opposed or likely to oppose the resolution. The Washington Post counts 174 likely to vote against.


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