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September 10, 2013

Obama Push to Attack Syria Takes Detour

President Obama's campaign for an attack on Syria "took an unexpected turn as his administration inadvertently gave the Assad regime a potential way out that spawned second thoughts on Capitol Hill and enthusiasm among international opponents of a military strike," the Wall Street Journal reports.

"After Secretary of State John Kerry suggested in off-the-cuff comments that President Bashar al-Assad could avert an attack by promptly handing his chemical weapons to the international community, Russia declared its support and quickly got Damascus on board."

The New York Times reports Obama's statements "about the haphazardly constructed plan appeared to offer him an exit strategy for a military strike he had been reluctant to order, and it came as support on Capitol Hill for a resolution authorizing force was slipping."

Politico: "Obama's unsteady handling of the Syria crisis has been an avert-your-gaze moment in the history of the modern presidency -- highlighting his unsettled views and unattractive options in a way that has caused his enemies to cackle and supporters to cringe."


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