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September 23, 2013

Gaming Out the Budget Showdown

First Read: "How this thing plays out is uncertain, but here is what we DO know in the legislative game of ping pong: The Senate will send back a 'clean-ish' continuing resolution to the House that strips away the measure defunding the president's health care law. Then the House will send something back to the Senate that has SOMETHING to do with the health care. But when does this ping pong happen? The question turns to timing, especially if Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mounts a filibuster in the Senate. After being challenged by House Republicans, Cruz and his allies might have no choice other than to wage some sort of filibuster -- perhaps not by traditional means but using procedural tricks. But such a delay could allow Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to jam House Speaker John Boehner."

"Chuck Schumer... says any 'jamming' of Boehner would be on Cruz and his delay tactics. Schumer also says there are behind-the-scenes negotiations taking place between House GOP leaders and Senate Dem leaders, so that once the Cruz show is over, they can act before midnight Sept. 30. Schumer seemed optimistic that a shutdown will be averted for now, but he also acknowledged the next test will be on debt ceiling. Here's one other thing we know: The party that's more united typically wins these kinds of fights. And which party right now is less united?"

Politico: "After months of fiery rhetoric, Cruz and his allies are scrambling to salvage their strategy."


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