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September 25, 2013

Democrats Stay United on Health Care

President Obama and Bill Clinton "took to the same stage Tuesday to promote the new health care law that Obama championed after Clinton's own efforts to reform health care years earlier fell flat," the AP reports.

"Joining forces under dimmed lights in a hotel ballroom in New York, Obama and Clinton laid out the law's benefits and its connection to the economy while dispelling what they called disinformation about its downsides. Clinton, acting as host, lobbed the questions; Obama answered with the eagerness of a guest on a daytime TV talk show."

First Read: "If there was a positive of yesterday's Barack-Bill conversation, it was to drive home the point that the Democratic Party is united on health care. They might disagree with the message and even a few of the new rules, but they're mostly united behind the substance and certainly united against making real changes. And as we've told you before, when it comes to policy/budget disputes, the party that is united almost always beats the party that isn't. Indeed, it's hard to look at the GOP right now in Washington and view them as a party that's united."


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