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September 28, 2013

House Republicans Dig In

Top GOP sources tell Politico that "the most likely scenario was that the House would pass a CR this weekend that would delay Obamacare for one year. That move would, almost certainly, result in a government shutdown."

Washington Post: "According to a Republican inside the room, leaders are advocating an aggressive approach but trying to put in a few sweeteners to deal with the fallout of when the government shuts down. The package includes a one year delay of all elements of the health law, a permanent repeal of the medical sales device tax that funded portions of the law and a proviso that would assure pay for the military. Additionally, the GOP has moved the date for federal funding back to Dec. 15."

New York Times: "If accepted by the Republican caucus and passed by the House, the package would all but assure that much of the government will shut down on Tuesday. Senate Democratic leaders have made clear that they will accept no such scaling back of the health care law."


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