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September 28, 2013

House Republicans Plot Next Step in Budget Showdown

House Republicans "will meet in a rare Saturday session as they plan their next move to keep the government open past midnight on Monday while extracting major concessions on President Obama's health care law," the New York Times reports.

"Any move short of passing the Senate bill is likely to shut down the government, at least briefly, unless it is accompanied by a measure that would finance the government for at least a few days. That would allow the Republican to keep their struggle alive."

Wall Street Journal: "House leaders face a difficult situation. Mr. Boehner doesn't want to alienate the dozens of lawmakers who won't back any spending plan that doesn't in some way limit the reach of the health law. At the same time, Senate Democrats say they will reject any measure that alters the health law."

Washington Post: "Boehner's leadership team offered no public comment and remained out of sight most of Friday, hunkering down for another weekend on the brink."

Politico: "House and Senate leadership aides in both parties are increasingly convinced the federal government will close for the first time in more than 17 years on Tuesday morning."


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