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October 01, 2013

House GOP Digging In For Long Showdown

Robert Costa: "The same question keeps popping up: Why doesn't Speaker John Boehner just pass a 'clean' continuing resolution to fund the government? It's a ubiquitous query at the Capitol, and it was asked many times this afternoon as House Republicans left their closed-door conference meeting. But most Republicans, when pressed by reporters, rolled their eyes. They know what Boehner knows: A clean CR has never been an option..."

"Instead, the leadership is digging in for an extended impasse with Senate Democrats. Based on my latest conversations with insiders, their plan isn't to eventually whip Republicans toward a clean CR and back down after a few days of messaging the shutdown, as some have believed; it's to keep fighting, and, in the process, preserve the House GOP's fragile unity -- and maybe, if they're lucky, win a concession from Senate majority leader Harry Reid."

Washington Post: "At the moment, neither side is feeling a clear imperative to end the shutdown."


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