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October 21, 2013

Obama Admits There's a Problem

First Read: "In remarks on the health-care law from the White House at 11:25 am ET, the president will acknowledge the problems with the website and will discuss the efforts to fix it, per NBC's Kristen Welker. He also will note the other ways uninsured Americans can apply for health-care coverage on the exchanges -- through call centers or paper application. But here's why this problem is potentially more than just a glitch: The law doesn't work if not enough people, especially healthy young adults, are signing up for coverage."

"The extra challenge for the White House is that they touted to reporters (both publicly and privately) how the website would work and that it would work as well as Apple, and now many of these same reporters feel burned or even lied to. And, of course, none of this should have been a surprise for Team Obama. It knew that Republicans were ready to pounce on any deficiency, real or imagined. Well, these problems are real."

Time: "While Obama could probably continue to tell Americans that the Obamacare rollout is little more than an iPhone app in need of an update, his health care law actually needs uninsured people to choose to sign up or it will fail. And so the spin can no longer stand."

Wonk Wire: Repairing Obamacare exchanges could take weeks.


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