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November 15, 2013

Health Care Vote Tests Loyalty of Democrats

"The political fallout from the botched launch of the health-care law is presenting congressional Democrats with one of their toughest tests of party loyalty in the five years of the Obama administration," the Washington Post reports.

"House Republicans are expected to pass a bill Friday that could dramatically undermine the law. And after years of trying to impale the initiative, GOP leaders are hopeful that the political turmoil over the rollout will provide them the support of a sizable bloc of Democrats."

The Hill: "The vote puts Democratic leaders in a pickle, caught between the desire to maintain party unity and the propensity to allow threatened rank-and-file members to vote their districts with re-election in mind."

First Read: "The question is how many Democrats vote for the legislation... Twenty or 30 red-state Dems voting for it is one thing; but double or triple that amount would be a rebuke and would signal that House Dems weren't satisfied with the supposed fix Obama announced."


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