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January 15, 2014

Christie Scandal Will Go On

Jack Shafer: "Like so many scandals, this one has been fueled by an official investigation. Lacking subpoena power to gather evidence and compel testimony, journalists depend on those who do have such powers, and in the bridge case it's the state legislature. Both branches of the New Jersey legislature are controlled by Christie's political enemies, the Democrats."

"No matter what anybody tells you, Chris Christie is the quarry here, not any of his staff or appointees. As mentioned above, testimony, subpoenas, and investigations stoke the news furnace whether they're productive or not. Add a presidential front-runner such as Christie to the mix and political contention -- not just within New Jersey but across the border into New York, where Gov. Cuomo and members of his party are glad to help hurt Christie -- and you've got the makings of a long-running story."

However, the Washington Post notes Christie and his allieshave begun laying the groundwork for a comeback campaign.


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