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January 16, 2014

Can Anyone Stop Hillary?

David Von Drehle: "Hillary Clinton has not decided whether to run for president again. I have this on good authority, despite a recent barrage of reports detailing the many moves that signal a campaign in the making.... In Hillary Clinton, the United States of America is now experiencing a rare, if not unprecedented, political phenomenon; she requires a new lexicon. Clinton is so globally famous, so politically wired and so primed for the presidency after two campaigns at her husband's side and one epic race of her own that her life as a private citizen has become virtually indistinguishable from her life as a candidate.... Clinton has not decided whether to run for president because to do so would only slow her down.... There is only one Hillary, able to dominate discussion of 2016 even as she sails above it.... One widespread forecast holds that Clinton is poised for a cakewalk of historic proportions."

The Week: Will Hillary Clinton face any primary challengers in 2016?


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