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January 18, 2014

Republicans Want Christie to Pick a Better Team

The New York Times notes Gov. Chris Christie (R) was supposed to basking in his landslide re-election victory with a European tour to bolster his foreign policy credentials and emerge as the modern face of the Republican Party.

"Now, the foreign trip is in limbo as Mr. Christie tries to rebuild credibility at home. His biggest political assets, his personality and spontaneity, have been all but absent as he evades reporters' questions and holds few public appearances. And Republicans around the country, including those who saw him as their party's most compelling candidate for president in 2016, are calling in with advice, sobering in its candor."

"Party leaders are urging the governor to let go of a trademark Christie trait: his fierce loyalty to old friends and high school classmates who have risen with him in state government. It is time, they counsel, for him to recruit a more nationally savvy political team that can take him beyond Trenton to Washington."


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