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February 11, 2014

Not Much in 'The Hillary Papers'

Joe Klein: "I wasn't expecting much dirt from the Diane Blair papers, even though they were splashed internationally on Drudge on Sunday, with a big SCANDAL headline. And I wasn't disappointed: not much there, except Hillary's stiletto discription of Lewinsky as a 'narcissistic loony tune.' Indeed, the 'editor' of the 'publication' that 'broke' this story described the then-First Lady as 'surprisingly human.' To which I can only ask: Why surprisingly? I've known Hillary Clinton for nearly 30 years now. I wouldn't say I know her particularly well, but well enough to describe her in an entirely different way-as relentlessly human..."

"My overwhelming reaction to the release of the Blair papers was sadness-sadness because I remember Diane Blair fondly, the sort of smart, level-headed person I'd want as a friend. But also because it brought back the disgraceful bilge volcano of the Clinton years-the non-stop garbage peddled and sleazed by Drudge and Rush and the then frisky young Fox Network, the fact that the Clintons were accused of drug-trafficking, murder, financial scandals and all sorts of vile craziness-none of which proved to be true. And no apologies have ever been forthcoming from the greasy perps."


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