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February 19, 2014

Attacking Bill Clinton is More About 2014

First Read: "It should come to no one's surprise that the Conservative Media Complex's intent here is to knock Hillary Clinton, as well as feed the Clinton-fatigue narrative, with the assumption that she runs in 2016. But this 'Kill Bill' effort could have a short-term effect in 2014, too: hurt the red-state Democrats who are begging Bill Clinton to campaign for them. After all, aided by that ex-president halo, Bill is the one Democrat who can go almost anywhere (think Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina) and be an asset. In fact, a top Democratic strategist tells us that Clinton's favorable numbers are above 60% in all of the states having Senate contests in 2014."

"So what does reviving Monica Lewinsky/Paula Jones/Kathleen Willey do? It reminds conservatives why they didn't like Clinton in the first place. Dredging up Bill Clinton's past has never hurt Hillary Clinton; if anything, it has galvanized support for her. But it doesn't help Bill. Remember who the swing vote is many of these Senate races: older white women."


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