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February 20, 2014

Emails Pose a Problem for Walker

Thousands of pages of emails released in Wisconsin "do pose a potential problem for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who's up for re-election this year and who very well could run for president in 2016," First Read concludes.

"The real test for Walker is how he handles this new scrutiny and answers questions about these investigations... The allegation here against Walker and his team is more of a local story and, frankly, a tad more run of the mill: They were mixing politics with official business. Now that allegation still poses a problem for Walker, since Wisconsin is such a stickler for these kinds of rules; it's a state that in many ways is the birthplace of political reform (it's why folks get in trouble for doing things in Wisconsin that in many other states wouldn't even be investigated). But for right now, this looks more like the finger-pointing from Bill Clinton's Arkansas days than then national scandal the Jersey story has become."


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