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March 01, 2014

Putin Defies Obama Over Ukraine

"As Russian armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula on Saturday, the Russian Parliament granted President Vladimir V. Putin the authority he sought to use military force in response to the deepening instability in Ukraine," the New York Times reports.

"The authorization cited a threat to the lives of Russian citizens and soldiers stationed in Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, and provided a blunt answer to President Obama, who on Friday pointedly warned Russia to respect Ukraine's territorial sovereignty."

Washington Post: "After approving the troop request, the Federation Council said it planned to ask Putin to consider recalling Russia's ambassador to the United States, to show displeasure over what it described as threats by President Obama over Ukraine."

Politico: "Obama's handling of the Western response to the Ukraine crisis is now arguably the biggest test of his presidency. It is a crisis that no one anticipated and that the West has been frustratingly divided over since the European Union's original, misguided attempt to force Ukraine to make an either-or choice about going east or west."


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