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March 02, 2014

Is Rand Paul the GOP Frontrunner?

The Fix: "Simply put, Paul is more likely to emerge victorious from the movement conservative primary than any of the potential candidates seeking the establishment conservative banner. At the start of the year, we would have said Christie would have had a leg up in that establishment primary -- and hence an edge to be the nominee since the party's pick traditionally comes from the establishment wing. But Christie's struggles to get out from under the lane closures scandal that reaches high into his administration has reduced him to just another member of the pack. Walker and Kasich both have the potential to break out but first need to get by real reelection races this fall. Jeb Bush would quite clearly be the establishment frontrunner if he ran but no one has any idea if he wants to or will. Ditto Paul Ryan. And, while Jindal seems to be gaining a bit of steam, he remains second tier in this group."

"Add it all up and you get this: Rand Paul is, as of right now, the likeliest Republican nominee."


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