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March 07, 2014

Tea Party is Still Calling the Shots

First Read: "But if you want to see signs that the Tea Party is winning right now -- and that McConnell and other Senate Republicans facing primary challenges possibly will have to fight for their political lives -- just look what has transpired over the past week. While Cornyn won his primary and avoided a run-off, 41% of Texas Republicans still voted for someone else, including Rep. Steve Stockman, who ran a non-existent campaign (can you run a NON-campaign?)."

"In other words, more than 4 in 10 GOP voters broke against the No. 2 Senate Republican, even though he hasn't committed any ideological offenses... if you thought Sen. Lindsey Graham was going to coast in his June 10 GOP primary, you need to think again. If 41% of Texas Republicans voted against Cornyn when he was facing a clown-car of candidates, how many South Carolina Republicans will vote against Graham, who has voted for President Obama's Supreme Court picks and been a key author of comprehensive immigration reform?"

The Week: The Tea Party is very much alive.


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