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April 21, 2014

Will Democrats Finally Embrace Obamacare?

First Read: "With the federal website fixed and with eight million Americans enrolled on the exchanges, vulnerable Democrats now face this choice ahead of the November midterm elections: Do they ignore health care (and focus instead on women's rights and the minimum wage)? Or do they fight back on health care with everything they've got? The former approach might be a long-term loser for the party. Democrats could lose in November regardless of which strategy they ultimately pursue, but they have to start figuring out how to make health-care a political winner for them -- and that starts on the campaign trail. If they don't, then they're going to be running away from health care another election from now and then the election after that."

"Democrats now have a rhetorical advantage they didn't have a couple of months ago. What do you do with the eight million Americans who now have insurance on the exchanges, and with the 24 million Americans who are projected to be on the exchanges by 2017? What about the millions more who have insurance via expanded Medicaid or via their parents' insurance?"

Wonk Wire: Obamacare enrollment still growing


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