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May 23, 2014

What Is Going on in Mississippi?

ABC News: "More arrests after a conservative blogger was accused of breaking into a facility and photographing the wife of Sen. Thad Cochran. She has lived there for over a decade, suffering with dementia. It's as nasty as it sounds and all those arrested are supporters of Cochran's opponent, Chris McDaniel. McDaniel has denied any connection to the situation or a relationship to the individuals involved, but, it is dominating the headlines in the run up to the June 3rd primary. There is little polling in the race, but all indications are that the race is completely locked up and this is a real chance for the tea party to take down a giant. Could the extreme dirtiness of the incident bring sympathy to Cochran and actually help him?"

First Read: "McDaniel's problem now is that the coverage down in Mississippi certainly creates the illusion of a connection. By the way, given the direction this race was headed, one has to ask themselves why these McDaniel supporters thought they needed to do this. Now, this story has given Cochran new political life."


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