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May 27, 2014

Two Races to Watch Today in Texas

Morning Line: "There are two races to watch, including whether Ralph Hall, who at 91 is the oldest member of Congress, becomes the first congressional incumbent of the cycle to lose. So far, they are 139-for-139. He is running against former U.S. attorney John Ratcliffe, who is 48 and has subtly raised the issue of Hall's age... Hall placed first in the March primary with 45 percent of the vote compared to 29 percent for Ratcliffe. Getting that extra 5 percent could be a hurdle for Hall, considering he's the only member of Congress anyone in this district has known for 34 years."

"The latest tea party vs. establishment battle of the primary season also takes place Tuesday in the Lone Star State in the lieutenant governor's race. Democrats hope to contest -- and win their first statewide seat in 20 years -- if the tea party candidate wins. But Democrats' candidate, Leticia van de Putte, trails in the polls, and despite being Latina and having served in the state legislature for 24 years is not well known among Latinos statewide."


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