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June 04, 2014

The Bigger Fight Over the Taliban Prisoner Swap

First Read: "On the Bergdahl story, we can tell you that the White House didn't expect this amount of Republican blowback, and it also didn't expect so much criticism on Bergdahl as a soldier. This is why the White House seems to be caught flat-footed here. On the other hand, all the criticism directed at Bergdahl and the White House seeming to bypass Congress -- instead of being focused on the Taliban Five -- is perhaps unsustainable in the long run, because it raises the question: So that means you didn't want the United States to bring him back home? That is a tough side to be on in the long run. But the administration clearly needs to be careful sounding too praise worthy of Bergdahl. Exposure for all on this. The larger political fight that is coming is over the rest of the GITMO detainees. That's what we should be bracing for."


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