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June 08, 2014

Clinton's Book Paves the Way for Another Campaign

Dan Balz writes that Hillary Clinton's new memoir, Hard Choices, "is a methodical march through the challenges she encountered as the nation's top diplomat. Beyond the diplomacy, it includes lighter moments and self-deprecating asides as she seeks to project both a deep understanding of the world and a warm, human side to her personality."

"Compared with her book Living History, published in 2003, Hard Choices is a more interesting read, enriched not simply by her nearly million miles of international travel to 112 countries but more by her accounts of scores of conversations with world leaders as the administration grappled with one challenge after another. Through nearly 600 pages, she comes across less a visionary and more a practical-minded problem solver."

New York Times: "The book itself, however, turns out to be a subtle, finely calibrated work that provides a portrait of the former secretary of state and former first lady as a heavy-duty policy wonk."

Politico compiles "10 key passages" from Clinton's book.


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